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Are you looking for a better online course authoring system?

    WhizzAuthor is the first eLearning authoring suite designed to make it easy to create, publish and manage online and blended training courses.

  • Create excellent training courses in minutes
  • Publish your courses via multiple channels
  • Manage your courses in real time with the course management suite.

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WhizzAuthor is designed to help Subject Matter Experts create online training courses in minutes. Easy-to-follow instructions and 16 different course formats allow authors to create different styles of course quickly and easily. Advanced features mean that authors can go to town creating excellent training courses.

Choose from blended certificate programmes, bitesized microlearning, inductions, tutorials, classroom courses, surveys, declarations, and more, and build using straightforward WhizzAuthor templates.

Develop engaging and interactive programmes easily by adding further study workbooks, scenario situations, interactions, videos, audio, true and false games, and quizzes of all shapes and sizes. A selection of ‘interactions’ – including drop down, image map, drag-and-drop, concertina and pop-up – means that making your programme visually interesting will be a piece of cake. WhizzAuthor has been designed by Authors for Authors.



Whizz Publisher offers various publishing options for your courses. In all cases they remain forever under your control. With the Whizz publishing system trainers can:

  • Host courses on your own Whizz LMS
  • Offer customers their own LMS on which to host your courses
  • Use XST software to run your courses on third party LMSs
  • Publish to the our online marketplae – WhizzeLearn - and sell your courses direct to the public worldwide.

WhizzAuthor works in partnership with the SkillGate Learning Management System meaning that every WhizzAuthor user has access to an advanced SkillGate LMS as standard.



Trainers can keep track of what’s happening with their published courses, and interact with learners via the Whizz Manager. By tracking delegate progress, setting and marking online work, hosting webinars and incorporating learner forums, authors can deliver online learning and communicate directly with their learning community.

The WhizzAuthor management suite keeps a record of the Trainer’s published courses wherever they are hosted. From here Trainers can modify and update their courses in real-time without having to re-issue the course to users.

WhizzAuthor delievers to tools to help ensure you are delivering the best learning experience possible.




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