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Faster online authoring, real-time editing, multiple programme formats, advanced features for advanced courses - WhizzAuthor by SkillGate is a new authoring tool designed to help you create courses quickly and easily.

  • Everyone learns in different ways. Some like to write things down, while others like to listen or use word associations. Our new SkillBuilder blended courses offer a deeper, more inclusive style of online training course to appeal to every learning type.
  • Measuring the success of elearning is notoriously difficult. Creating the most engaging training course available doesn't guarantee people will complete it. Making it compulsory to complete a course doesn't guarantee that people will learn...
  • Let's kick out un-intelligent authoring. It has been around for 25 years now and hasn't done us many favours.
  • Why not polish off your in-house courses with a little help from SkilGate's content team.
  • As part of the SkillGate Learning Style Series, we offer suggestions on how to use story-telling in elearning, and how using the story structure for your course can help with the learning process.
  • SkillGate has unveiled the Top 5 self-development training subjects among their 100,000 users. The trends are revealing and show you what's currently hot in the world of soft-skills.