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WhizzAuthor by SkillGate - helping you build online training courses fast

WhizzAuthor is SkillGate's new Authoring Suite, designed to help authors develop excellent online training courses quickly and easily.

Unlike other authoring tools on the market, WhizzAuthor delivers on three levels:



WhizzAuthor is designed to help Subject Matter Experts create online training in minutes.


WhizzAuthor offers various course publishing options, including author access to their own LMS, software to publish to third party LMSs and access to Whizz eLearn, SkillGate's online marketplace.


WhizzAuthor provides a management dashboard so authors can keep track of their courses once they've been published.


WhizzAuthor offers 16 different styles of course template including blended certificate programmes, bitesized micro-learning, inductions, evaluations, surveys, tutorials and much more. 

And in addition to fast and straightforward course creation, Authors can go to town with WhizzAuthor's advanced features if they want to create more advanced courses. Create full-blown certificate courses, add refresher courses and reminders, integrate social, embedding and face-to-face learning, add 360 degree feedback for trainees, and much more.

But don't take our word for it... try our WhizzAuthor Free Trial today, or get in touch for more information.