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What makes great online learning?

The success of online training cannot be disputed.  It is a sophisticated and developing industry responsible for professional training of people across the globe.  The reason for its success is obvious.  It is a highly efficient and cost-effective means of ensuring that as many people as possible have access to the training they need to be able to do their jobs.

However, measurement of the success of elearning has eluded industry professionals for as long as the sector has existed.  How do we measure the success of online learning?  Completion rates are swept under the carpet and elearning companies hide behind the latest technologies to lure in new customers.  Fundamentally there is no industry standard set to establish whether online training is actually working and people are actually learning.

SkillGate Director, Ian Page, has devised his own formula for measuring elearning quality.

Quality = (Learning Transfer x Completion Rate)N

SkillGate uses this formula in the development and design of all of its online training.  This results in high quality online training that really works.

To read Ian Page's full paper on 'Creating Great Online Learning,' including theories on measurement and how to design great training courses, read on:

Creating Great Online Learning (pdf download)

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